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About the Festival


TRAVELLING ACROSS THE GLOBE WITH CINEMA…with this unique concept, we are the biggest country-hopping touring film festival of world cinema with the multiple editions in various countries, promoting good independent cinema, developing International cross-cultural relations & contributing a social awareness to our global society by highlighting social causes with our festival themes.

Setting up our identity unique and completely different, we are passionate about our idea of touring and hosting the festival at various places. This enhances the reach, popularity, and visibility of films and thus of filmmakers to mass, providing a much bigger exposure to their talent and creativity. This truly fulfils our objective of providing independent filmmakers wider attention and space to showcase their art and innovative ideas to the global audience. Audience in different cities also has a repository of fine movies of different taste & calibres from across the globe, to enjoy through our touring film festival.

Apart from displaying the talent of indie filmmakers to a various audience, we get an opportunity to highlight global social causes with our festival theme to convey a message & contribute a social awareness to our global society.

Film screenings along with an award function are clubbed with networking with International film fraternity, gala dinners, meets, film workshops, literature seminars, interactions, expert lectures and much more in a truly international ambience.


BITFF is a unique global platform for worldwide screening and promotion of independent films. We have a massive online reach of millions (and counting) with thousands of footfall in every event with cine lovers of diversified age groups giving global branding & publicity to filmmakers, partners and associates.


With almost 2500 film submissions from 90 countries so far (and counting), we are one of the fastest-growing film festivals with a massive International film content library.

The festival was founded in 2014 as Navi Mumbai International Film Festival-NMIFF which was the first-ever film festival of the city - Navi Mumbai. Showcasing highest quality of content, balanced jury panel and the best in class event organizing, NMIFF rose to become one of the topmost film festivals of the country and we are proud to state our growth & trust, filmmakers have shown on us since its inception. In our very first edition in 2014, there was participation from 35 countries with 300 film entries, 75 countries with 410 films in the 2nd edition, 503 film submissions from 48 countries in the 3rd edition and 407 film submissions from 55 countries in the 4th edition.


In its 4th edition, we rebranded NMIFF as BANJARA INTERNATIONAL TOURING FILM FESTIVAL - BITFF, a global travelling film fest, so that we spread our wings globally and grow as a bigger international brand. With BITFF, we are now visiting various countries with our event and generating much more visibility to filmmakers, partners and sponsors through all possible means of reach, promotions & publicity to provide the best commercial benefits through our brand.


The festival is open to all filmmakers, short & feature-length films of various genres from across the globe. This is a competitive festival of films where the best films are shortlisted under various categories. The winners are selected by the festival committee and awarded with prizes and trophies.

Having organized and hosted grand events of our International film festival since its inception in 2014, Banjara Cinema has become a reputed hub for national and International filmmakers & guests to witness best quality films screening and respectable award ceremonies.

Our Vision & Objectives

Globetrotting…Promoting Independent Cinema & Cross-Cultural Relations. And of course, having an opportunity by being a travelling fest, highlighting global social causes with our festival theme to convey a message & contribute a social awareness to our global society.

BANJARA INTERNATIONAL TOURING FILM FESTIVAL (BITFF) aims to become the top international platform to discover, support, inspire and showcase the talent of independent filmmakers to the global audience.

At BITFF, we intend to be a future hub as International film market where filmmakers get an opportunity to connect with industry professionals, market their work and groom the careers in film production, direction, screenwriting and other various aspects of film making.


Our Roadmap consists of below targets :

Be the topmost global brand as a touring film festival to promote independent cinema, Int’l cross-cultural relations & social awareness globally. 20 million online reach by 2022.

Multiple events in a year in different countries to make it a truly global event.

✢ Reaching out to maximum filmmakers globally to have 3000 film submissions by 2024. Turn into prominent  Screening, distribution & film content market by 2024.

✢ Be the world's topmost event place providing maximum exposure & promotions to

independent filmmakers, partners and associates.

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